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Sebastian D. Chambers
Licensed Agent
MediCare Champions 
Health, & Medicare Insurance Made Simple
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Welcome to 
ABC MediCare Champions 
Individual & Family Plans Group Employer Plans  Short Term Plans 
Hospital Indemnity Plans                  Accident Plans Critical Illness 
Dental & Vision  Disability Plans    Hospital & Doctor Plans 
Medicare Advantage & Supplement  Term, Universal & Whole Life 
Final Expense Life & Mortgage Protection  Healthcare Market Place(ACA)
We Help With:
AEP & Open Enrollment with Private Health / Medicare Plans
We Provide Plans with these Carriers
We Provide Plans in these States
About Us
Thank you for your interest in learning more about a health, or medicare advantage/supplement plan designed specifically for you.  All of these services can be confusing. I help make it simple.  I am a licensed agent and I have a vested interest in helping you get the plan that is right for you.   As a licensed agent, I represent all types of Life, Annuities, Health & Medicare plans and most companies that offer them. I can help you shop for the plan that best fits your needs. Contact me today to get the personalized support you deserve.

Office: (580) 248 - 1948
Toll Free: (844) 633 - 2433
Cell: (580) 678 - 9610
1401 SW Park Ridge Blvd Ste. D
Lawton, Ok. 73505
Sebastian Chambers is an Independent Licensed Agent of ABC MediCare Champions.  All Rights Reserved 2022
We are not connected with or endorsed by the United States government or the federal Medicare program.